Binary MLM Plan

An Introduction to Binary MLM Plan

Binary MLM plan is a uniquely specified business strategy that has become favourite for most of the networking and marketing companies. As the name itself says, binary mlm revolves around the number 2. The binary mlm plan for a distributor looks like binary tree wherein one distributor introduces maximum of two members and the entire tree grows in similar manner.

The reason that distributors find binary network marketing more attractive because of the simple and easy structure that eventually offers N number of opportunities to grow within a very less period. This clearly indicates a super beneficial deal for the businesses that recently entered in the market and want to generate expedite sales and profits.

Volochain binary plan software offers business owners complete flexibility to unlock the opportunities that are still unrecognized according to their set of preferences.

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How Volochain Binary Plan MLM Software Works?

The binary plan software from Volochain comes with simple yet fair compensation plan that allows evenly distribution based on the sales acquired by each binary tree including the distributor and his two members. The same process continues till the last branch to ensure that every member recruited gets his fair share of compensation.

This implies that the profit margins will be as high as the activeness of the team members down the tree. Even the inactive approach or behavior of one team can result into unsatisfactory results throughout. Volochain binary MLM software helps you to identify all the loopholes in the process so that you can manage them in an easy and efficient manner.

Compensation Scenario with Volochain Binary MLM Software

The MLM binary tree in any company uses different sorts of compensation structure to keep their teams active and motivated towards their goals. With Volochain binary plan software, the companies’ get an added ease and flexibility of customizing their compensation distribution plan as per the rules and preferences they have. Our software is suitable for all the binary compensation plans companies generally offer including Sponsor Bonus, Binary Bonus, and Matching Bonus.

Sponsor Bonus

The binary compensation plan for sponsor bonus majorly depends on the weaker links of the tree. To put simple, the distributor will get the bonus as per the team earning lowest sales or rewards. For example if A tree has earned less than the B, their distributor’s bonus will come from the tree A earnings.

This clearly indicates the profits depend on the earnings of the active members down the line. If one of the team does not earn well, the distributor will not be able to make much money.

Volochain binary mlm software will help you identify the weak links of your tree so that you can take corrective measures for the growth of income accordingly.


Binary Bonus

The binary bonus is more about adding more sales and profits for the company down the binary tree. It is often referred as balancing art wherein the entire structure has equal active members to work towards the specified for the particular period. In addition, the distributor gets the bonus depending upon the earnings his two members have done.

Nevertheless, the percentage of binary bonus may vary as per the rules of the individual company involved.

Volochain binary network marketing software packages help companies with the final summation of the amount for every distributor down the line as per the specified rules and percentage in a plan.

Matching Bonus

The matching bonus of a binary matrix mlm, commonly known as the referral bonus that every distributor gets on introducing a new member to the program. It is to create a wider base of members, sometimes in the form of new business centers, especially in the strategic locations of the company.

Every company has a different package for their distributors to choose at the time of registration itself and the commission gets credited to their accounts every time a new registration is done through their referral.

Volochain binary plan mlm software will sort the entire calculation system for you and add more value to the process in the form of accuracy and efficiency.



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